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Repair and car operation

- 1.1. Short acquaintance to the car
   1.2. Keys
   1.3. Locks of doors
   1.4. Immobilizer
   1.5. Electric window regulators
   1.6. Seats
   1.7. Seat belts
   1.8. Back seat belts
   1.9. Safety cushions
   1.10. Components of system of safety cushions
   1.11. Control lamp of a safety cushion
   1.12. Luggage carrier door (5-door model)
   1.13. Trunk lid
   1.14. Lamp of a luggage compartment
   1.15. Cowl
   1.16. Hatch of a fuel tank
   1.17. Steering wheel
   1.18. Rear-view mirrors
   1.19. Illumination of salon
   1.20. Salon equipment
   1.21. Digital watch
   1.22. Shtorka of a luggage carrier
   1.23. Power supply socket
   1.24. Aerial
   1.25. The hatch in a roof
   1.26. The holder for sunglasses
   1.27. Cargo luggage grid
   1.28. Top luggage carrier
   1.29. Ignition switch
   1.30. Engine start-up
   1.31. Mechanical transmission
   1.32. Automatic transmission
   1.33. Brake system
   1.34. Parking brake
   1.35. Hydraulic amplifier of a steering
   1.36. Adjustable steering column
   1.37. Combination of devices
   1.38. Headlights
   1.39. Turn indexes
   1.40. Proof-reader of light of headlights
   1.41. Illumination of a day mode of operation
   1.42. Back antifog lamps
   1.43. Screen wipers and stekloomyvatel
   1.44. Heater of back glass
   1.45. Heater of an external rear-view mirror
   1.46. Heating and ventilation system
   1.47. System work
   1.48. Information on plates
   1.49. Alarm light system
   1.50. Engine start-up from the storage battery of other car
   1.51. Safety locks
   1.52. Memory safety lock
   1.53. Car towage
   1.54. Screen wiper brushes
   1.55. Replacement of lamps
   1.56. Care of appearance of the car
   1.57. Maintenance
+ 2. Engines A3E, A5D
+ 3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Ignition system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Axes and power shafts
+ 10. Suspension bracket
+ 11. Wheels and tires
+ 12. Steering
+ 13. Brake system
+ 14. Body
+ 15. Air central air
+ 16. Electric equipment

1.7. Seat belts



On the car at the driver and the forward passenger belts with a preliminary tension are established. These belts provide dense contact to a body of the person at a head-on collision of the car that in a combination with system of airbags reduces risk of receiving serious traumas. Prednatyazhitel of a seat belt can be activated together with a safety cushion at considerable face-to-face blow.

In usual conditions these belts work also as well as belts of usual type. At the included ignition and a sharp stop of the car or at too fast shifts forward passengers, the inertial natyazhitel of a seat belt is blocked. In case of a serious head-on collision when the system of airbags works, the belt covers the driver and the passenger more densely.

Seat belts with a prednatyazhitel can function both together with system of airbags, and without it.

Main components of a prednatyazhitel

1. Control lamp of system of airbags

2. Natyazhitel and blocking device of a seat belt

3. The operating module of system of airbags


For ensuring the maximum protective properties of system of seat belts with a preliminary tightness:

      – correctly have a seat belt round the body;
      – correctly regulate length of a belt.

Seat belts with a prednatyazhitel of the driver and the passenger work at a serious head-on collision of the car together with operation of system of airbags as the system of airbags and a seat belt cope with a prednatyazhitel the same sensor. Prednatyazhitel of a seat belt can be activated together with a safety cushion at considerable face-to-face blow. In this case prednatyazhitel are activated even in the absence of passengers on seats at the moment of blow.

At operation of natyazhitel strong noise and emergence of the fine dust similar to a smoke, in car salon is possible. It is not malfunction and corresponds to normal work of system.

Though the dust also is harmless, but it can cause irritation of skin. It also is not recommended to be inhaled for a long time. After failure when there was a system operation, carefully wash up hands and the person water.

As for prednatyazhitel of seat belts the sensor of operation is the general with safety cushions, the control lamp in a combination of devices will burn about 6 with the ambassador of inclusion of ignition, and then should go out. If the system works incorrectly, this control lamp will burn even in that case when in system of airbags there are no malfunctions. If the control lamp of system of passive safety does not burn at inclusion of ignition or continues to burn more than 6 with, or at car movement, at the first possibility address to the authorized dealer of KIA for check of system of passive safety.

Seat belts with a prednatyazhitel the disposable. After operation they are subject to replacement. All types of the belts which have undergone a tension during failure, are subject to replacement.

During operation mechanisms of blocking of belts with a prednatyazhitel heat up. Within several minutes after their operation do not touch mechanisms of blocking of belts. Do not try to check working capacity or to replace system of belts by own efforts. Perform this operation only strengths of the authorized dealer of firm of KIA. Do not knock on mechanisms of blocking of belts. Which image do not try to repair or adjust system of belts with a prednatyazhitel.

Improper maintenance of blocking mechanisms and non-compliance with recommendations about a ban of drawing of blows on the device, repair, updatings, and its replacement can lead to misoperation of system and receiving serious mutilations at failure. At movement of the car it is necessary to be the fastened seat belt always.


Seat belts provide the best protection in cases, when:

      – the back of a seat is in the lifted situation;
      – the person sits exactly (does not bend);
      – the femoral part of a seat belt covers hips and adjoins as it is possible below to a basin;
      – the humeral part of a seat belt passes through a breast;
      – knees are directed forward.

In case you forget to be fastened, the control lamp will light up and the sound alarm system will turn on. All seats, except a back average are equipped with a humeral and femoral seat belt. The average back seat has only femoral seat belt.

The internal lock in the mechanism of a tension of seat belts is not locked at a belt zastyogivaniye that gives the chance free movement of the fastened passengers, and also increases their comfort. If the car is subject to force action, for example, at sharp braking, turn or collision, the lock in the mechanism of a tension of seat belts will block belts from a pulling. The seat belt of a back average seat has no this mechanism therefore is always in the blocked situation. For installation of a children's chair use mainly a back average seat. In case it is impossible, can establish it on a forward seat near the driver or on a back extreme seat. In this case it is necessary to use system of special blocking of a seat belt.

Never go with the overwound or rumpled seat belts. If it is not possible to straighten a belt or to unwind it, at once address to the dealer Kia or the next qualified technical assistance.


Each seat in the car has the mechanism of belts consisting of a buckle and a uvula. These details were designed for joint application.

Use a humeral belt only for an external shoulder. Never carry out a belt under the arm.

Watch, that the belt did not touch a neck and did not pass through an internal shoulder.

Never use one seat belt for several passengers.

Femoral and humeral parts of a belt can because of the force which has arisen during failure, to be extended and be damaged.

The system of seat belts at any collision should be carefully checked. All damaged mechanisms of a tension, knots of fastening and other faulty parts should be replaced before further operation of the car.

The seat belt is necessary for supervising periodically for determination of excessive wear or damage. Strongly worn-out, cut, prozhzhyonny or on another the damaged belt it is necessary to replace everyone. Be convinced that bederny and humeral parts of a belt smoothly and easily come back to the tension mechanism. Check latches and be convinced that they work without hindrances and delays. Each belt in the damaged condition or badly working should be immediately replaced.

Watch that the nabedrenny or humeral belt never got to being closed doors. It can damage a seat belt or latches that increases probability of a travmirovaniye during failure.


Pregnant women should use seat belts always if it is resolved by their doctor. The Nabedrenny part of a belt should be AS it is POSSIBLE BELOW AND MORE CONVENIENTLY.

Pregnant women never should have a seat belt over stomach area where there is a fruit, or over a stomach.


Safety of chest and small children should be provided with the certificated children's system of the safety guaranteeing during movement their maximum safety.

Never allow the child to be kneeling during movement or feet on a seat. Never it is impossible to fasten one seat belt of the adult and the child or two children at the same time.

Never transport children, having planted them on knees to the adult or holding the child on hands. Even the strong person is not capable to hold the child in a case even easy collision.

In process of growth of children it is necessary to use the new systems of safety including seats of the bigger size or a pillow of seats, corresponding to the sizes of the child.

For children who have grown from children's system of safety, it is necessary to apply automobile seat belts. In case children sit on back extreme seats, it is necessary to use a bedreno-humeral seat belt.

If the humeral part of a belt touches necks or child's faces, try to plant it closer to the car center. If after that the humeral part of a belt touches necks or child's faces, return to use of children's system of safety.

Use of humeral belts for small children

Never allow, that the humeral part of a belt touched necks or child's faces during car movement. In case of the wrong adjustment or a pristyogivaniye the risk of a strong or deadly travmirovaniye of the child arises belts.


If a zone / humeral seat belt of the driver will not fasten, at ignition key turn the control lamp of a seat belt will be included in the situation ON for some seconds.
Control lamp of seat belts


For a pristyogivaniye of a forward femoral and humeral seat belt execute the following actions:

1. Strong take in hands a buckle and the belt lock.
2. Gradually extend a belt from the tension mechanism.
3. Enclose a belt buckle in the lock. If thus will hear click, the buckle is correctly clasped.
4. Place a bederny part of AS the belt it is POSSIBLE BELOW for a proskalzyvaniye exception under a belt in case of failure. A belt ADJUST ACCORDING TO YOUR GROWTH. The tension mechanism automatically reels up an excessive part of a belt and constantly supports a belt in the tense condition. With a view of achievement of the maximum safety do not extend needlessly a belt and do not create its excessive sagging.
5. By means of the top fastening of a belt regulated on height establish belt height according to the growth. For fastening moving up pull the handle on itself and move fastening knot up. For moving down pull the handle on itself and move fastening down. Be convinced that the knot of fastening of a belt is reliably fixed.

Seat belts of forward seats

During movement of a back of forward seats should be in the lifted situation for ensuring comfort of the driver and the passenger. Seat belts provide the best protection if backs of seats are in the lifted situation. Never fasten a belt if the humeral part of a belt is behind a back or behind an external shoulder.

Never fasten a belt if the humeral part of a belt passes through a neck or through the person.

Place a bederny part of a belt as it is possible below. Be convinced that the belt densely adjoins to hips. It is not allowed, that the bederny part of a belt passed round a waist.

Never go with the overwound or rumpled seat belt.

Never fasten one belt more than one person at the same time. Non-compliance with these preventions increases danger of a travmirovaniye during failure.

Otstyogivaniye of a forward seat belt

Press the otstyogivaniye button on a belt buckle.